The Purple Pass

Thanks to our strong local links and huge numbers of tenants, we've been able to secure an amazing package of deals exclusively for Tomlinson tenants. For just £1.50 a week you get all of this:

Endsleigh Insurance

All your personal possessions insured through industry-leading provider Endsleigh:

  • Tailor-made for the needs of students and young professionals, protecting your belongings whilst in your rental property.
  • The cover insures all your possessions against theft, fire and flood and includes:
  • Total possessions cover up to £7,000.
  • Computer equipment cover (laptops only) up to £2,000.
  • Mobile phone cover up to £1,000.
  • Tenants’ liability cover up to £5,000 (covering you if you cause damage to your landlord's property).

For further information click here.

GPS Key Fob

A high-tech gadget to ensure you never lose your keys again!

  • Track and trace your keys on iOS and Android devices.
  • Activate a loud noise on the fob using your phone, to help you locate lost keys.
  • Receive an alert when your keys are out of range (75 feet) - alerting you if you've left them behind.

Special Discounts *

Special discounts at a number of local bars and restaurants including:

  • Discounts for Ugly Bread (please ask in store)
  • Free Brownie/Flapjack with any order at Familia Express
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Obtaining your Purple Pass

Please click on the button below to request your purple pass. You will receive your pass and insurance schedule when collecting your keys at the beginning of your tenancy.

Get your purple pass

Please note that your landlord insurers the building and the contents he provides, but not the possessions you bring into the property.  If you do not take advantage of our purple pass offer then we strongly recommend that you take out personal possessions insurance with another reputable provider.

* Partner businesses may alter or withdraw a discount offer from time to time - where this takes place a similar or equivalent offer will be sought for Purple Pass holders, and the details displayed on this webpage.